The Imperial Bank

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The Imperial Bank

Post by Rayregalia Von Arcadia on Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:48 pm

The Imperial Bank

Dear citizens of Siccandian, welcome to imperial bank, sacred place of your savings and that of the state. In this bank will be made the openings and closures of personal account, you will be able to deposit your money on this one, you will also be able to make the registration of your goods (i.e your housing and lands to be built) with its value for a possible resale
Here are the forms for opening an account, registering property, and depositing or withdrawing money from your personal account.

→Form for opening a personal account:

[b]Owner's Name[/b]:
[b]Name of your nation[/b]:
[b]Departing economy[/b]:

→Registration form of a property:

[b]Owner's Name[/b]:
[b]Type of personal good[/b]:

→Form of deposition (or withdrawal) of money:

[b]Owner's Name[/b]:
[b]Type of transaction (deposition or withdrawal)[/b]:
[b]Amount of money[/b]:
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