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Sale of land Empty Sale of land

Post by Rayregalia Von Arcadia on Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:17 pm

♦Sale of land♦

•category A

Main location (6 rooms) + 4 possible extension (= 8 rooms) + garden + pool
value: 20,000 nexus

•category B

Main location (5 rooms) + 2 possible extension (= 4 rooms) + garden
value: 12,000 nexus

•category C

Main location (5 rooms) + 1 extension possible (= 2 rooms) + garden
value: 4000 nexus

Price of authorization for an enlargement
value: 5000 nexus

For any desire to purchase please apply to the Planning Department and your request will be taken into account.
The application form is as follows:


[b]Nom du propriétaire (modérateur)[/b]:
[b]Category d'achat [/b]:(A,B,C)
[b]Subforum[/b]: (nom des pièces souhaiter dans votre demeure)
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