Citizenship Application Prerequisites

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Citizenship Application Prerequisites Empty Citizenship Application Prerequisites

Post by The High Seeing on Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:17 pm

Before you make an application straight away, you should read the Ethical Code of Conduct, Forumotion Terms and Agreements, and other legal important documents just to make sure you understand the magnitude and effects of applying to be a citizen.

Foreign Diplomats that seeks Diplomatic Status shall apply here:

Citizenship Applications should answer all the given questions below and uses it as a template for applications:

 User Name:
 Nation Name:
 How did you found out about our region (If by a telegram, you must state the details of the telegram):
 Other regional affiliations (former and present):
 How experienced are you in NationStates:
 Military Experience and Affiliations (if any):

 I, [Your Name] of [Your Nation Name], have read the Ethical Code of Conduct and is willing to swear unending loyalty to Central Siccandia and its Emperor which I am doing right now. And I am subject to Central Siccandia and its laws and I will strive to improve this region and its community to a united, honorable, and prosperous place for everyone who comes here.

A royalty or an appropriate official shall be with you to check your citizenship.

Thank you for applying to be a citizen of Siccandia. For further inquiries, please do so here:
The High Seeing
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