Declaration of Total Sovereignty

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Declaration of Total Sovereignty Empty Declaration of Total Sovereignty

Post by The High Seeing on Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:17 am

We are happy to announce that starting at this very moment (10:10 AM 7/29/2018 Jakarta, Indonesia), Central Siccandia will formally be a region with full sovereignty and autonomy in its rule.

Its name shall be The Central Imperialist Union of Siccandia with Central Siccandia and/or Siccandia as its official acronym. Its residence shall officially be called 'Siccandian' and its motto shall be 'Unity, Honor, and Prosperity'

Though at this moment this forum is under construction, we are confident that in the foreseeable future, Siccandia will have a significant role in The World and its forum bustling with residents and visitors alike.

The rule of Emperor Rayregalia Von Arcadia shall officially start after this post has been made. Under his rule, we believe that Siccandia may advance and prosper for the greater good.
The High Seeing
The High Seeing

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