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Post by Rayregalia Von Arcadia on Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:04 pm

Here is the list of compensation in Nexus according to the positions available in Central Siccandia, this list may be changed with time.

Royal Counselor→1600 nexus

High Imperial Chancellor→1500 nexus
Deputy High Imperial Chancellor→1200 nexus
Minister of State→800 nexus
Secretary of State→600 nexus
Diplomat→500 nexus

Chancellor of University→700 nexus
Vice-Chancellor of University→550 nexus
Dean of Faculty→500 nexus
Professor→400 nexus
Assistant professor→300 nexus
Reader→200 nexus

Mayor of Pendragon→650 nexus
Senior state officials→500 nexus
State officials→300 nexus

President of Imperial Senate→400 nexus
Imperial Senator→300 nexus

President→500 nexus
Supreme Judge→400 nexus
Judge→300 nexus
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