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Application for a new business Empty Application for a new business

Post by Rayregalia Von Arcadia on Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:08 pm

New Business

For the chance to run a business here are the steps to follow:

→The opening of the company costs 1000 nexus
(at the opening of your business you will be able to produce only 4 articles (services, objects)
Each expansion will cost 400 nexus and allow you to add 2 items to produce in your business.

→Dear boss do not forget to make a record of your sales at the end of each month for risk of having a fine of imperial treasure if it is not done.

→Each beginning of the month, it will address an industrial tax to your business consequence to the size and the economic capital of the business.

→Finally last application, if you intend to recruit, see not forget to fix a salary to these people for risk of having a fine from the Ministry of unemployment and the economy.

If all these conditions are met here is the form to fill:

[b]Other Employees[/b]:

Thank you for your application

Rayregalia Von Arcadia
Rayregalia Von Arcadia

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